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TrapUnit is a Danish company developing and selling poison-free quality solutions for rodent control.

New EU legislation prohibits the use of poison for preventing rodent attacks. Poison is still allowed to be used for acute attacks – but if you have pets, domestic animals e.g. hens etc. poison-free prevention is the safest and best solution.

TrapUnit has developed an EU patent pending LED flash light indicator solution, for use in rodent trap boxes with a mechanical trap. The LED flashes when the rodent trap in the rodent box has been released – this makes it easy to get an overview of rodent attacks.

Our solution for rodent control also includes a “unwanted-catch prevention” solution that ensures that only rodents can get to the trap in the box – other small animals is stopped at the entrance of the box.

See our Trapunit Basic product video here: Trapunit Rodent catch EN

Download our brochure here : Trapunit Basic Brochure 1.0 UK

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